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Affiliate Program;


fortunetradefx.com has designed the perfect referral system for you to earn more while mining, and yes, even while you are not an active miner, you can take part in the referral program and earning from it. Earn when your downline and their downline refer people, become a Top King today at FORTUNETRADEFX.

Yes! you earn bonus on every single deposit made by your downline and their downline!

How to participate?

Start by signing up on our platform and copying your referral code on your control dashboard, your referral code is unique to you (e.g https://fortunetradefx.com/u/brian).

Tell your friends and family about Fortunetradefx and ask that they register by first visiting the website with your referral link and then proceding to the sign up page to register.

Thats it! you have a downline already when they register and you will qualify for a 1st level referral bonus each time they make a deposit to a mining plan.
It doesn't just stop there, when your downline refer people, you will still earn bonuses.

Hurry Up! Register now, share with friends and family and take part in this great offer.